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who is Bennett Roth Newell?

Bennett Roth-Newell is a pianist/keyboardist, composer/arranger, emcee, producer, and multi-genre music educator based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He appears and performs frequently with The Bad Ones, Amy Dabalos and The Vibrant Things, The Illiance, Soulful Obsession, Mason Razavi’s Quartet Plus, Maya Victoria, Tracy Cruz and many more acts.

Bennett Roth-Newell – Music Interview

Bennett Appears As Featured Pianist

On Tracy Cruz’s Award Winning EP


The Bennett’s piano contributions on “H3artifacts” by Tracy Cruz have resulted in the EP receiving two Akademia Awards and a Hollywood Music in Media nomination for best single! “H3artifacts” is available at Tracy Cruz’s website:

Bennett’s Modern Jazz/R&B Group

“The Bad Ones” Releases Self-Titled

Debut Album

The Bad Ones are a 7-piece ensemble that fuses modern jazz, R&B, funk, and hip-hop together to create a distinctly influential and invigorating sound. Bennett played piano, contributed rap vocals, and wrote five original compositions for the self-titled debut album.

Upcoming Events

Here's where and with whom Bennett will be performing next!

What People Say

“Roth-Newell delivers firm comping, colorful lines, and delicate musical trim.”

– Dan Bilawsky, Reviewer for All About Jazz

“Roth-Newell is precisely virtuosic with the will and desire to cut loose.”

– Travis Rogers, Reviewer for JazzTimes

“Roth-Newell has a natural sense of jazz history in his playing, his esthetic and openness to the piano lineage is apparent. His chord voicings are splendid; his sensitivity as an accompaniment is exceptional and his single lines are clear in both rhythm and melodic direction. It is rewarding to hear, the precision of his touch and the logic of his playing combined with his virtuosity lead to a high sense of musical expression.”

– Sylvannia Garutch, Contributing Writer for The Jazz Word

“Bennett is an outstanding musician with chops in myriad styles and genres. While his understanding and use of jazz theory on keyboard instruments is beyond impressive, Bennett is also quite skilled in other genres like Hip Hop. I was lucky enough to teach with Bennett, and found his skills as both an instrumental and Hip Hop instructor to be top notch.”

– Robert Witmeyer, Contributing Writer for Guitar Player Magazine and Owner of Blue Skool Records

“Bennett is one of a kind. Not only is he a great musician and artist, he also understands people because he is real and will tell you the truth–an honest man.”

– Aaron Alvarez, Creative Arts Instructor and Coordinator of Scholarships at The Riekes Center for Human Enhancement

Some of My Music

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I believe Music is positive Communication and my ability to control that communication will make you remember me forever!

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